Our Purpose

The CT Defenders are committed to provide a safe, enthusiastic and encouraging environment for learning the game of basketball. Each time we step on the court our goal is to improve individually and as a team. We encourage players to take risks, to step out of their comfort zones and to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Our ultimate purpose is to teach players how to become major contributors on their basketball teams, in their classrooms and in our communities.

Our Mission

We feel organized youth sports should not only address basketball skills but develop character. We also feel by participating in youth sports you build a strong work ethic, learn good sportsmanship and create a solid foundation in team work. Communication between our coaches and your child will aid them in learning how to deal with the challenges of basketball and still achieve their goals. Our practices are skill-based workouts. We put our players through the most updated drills and time-tested learning techniques. Through repetition and a step-by-step break-down of basketball fundamentals, your child will learn what we feel is necessary to become a competitive basketball player.

Our Goals

Our goals are to create a winning attitude, define positive values and learn a competitive style of basketball. We will accomplish our goals by concentrating on fundamentals in practice, displaying discipline on and off the floor and believing in ourselves that we can reach each goal. We feel proper footwork, primarily stance and balance are the basic foundation for becoming a competitive basketball player. We build this through practice and repitition, where it eventually becomes instict. Along with proper mechanics you need to approach this game with a certain attitude. We want our kids to take risks and try new skills. As coaches we are always challenging our players to take what they learned in practice and apply it in the game. With hard work, focus and determination we will accomplish each goal this season.

Our Philosophy

In basketball and in life, success is not easily gained. If your goal is easily achieved it often isn’t worth achieving.